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We offer professional Copywriting and Content Marketing services as in today’s competitive online market it’s always in your best interest to make sure you have high quality content to help your small business stand out from your competitors. Our content writers on staff will listen to what you are looking for, make changes you request to ensure you get everything you are looking for.

We can help you produce the kind of professional copywriting that will attract customers to your company locally here in Toronto. Content marketing in today’s market is becoming a must for small businesses. We will make sure we are writing content that gets your small business noticed as well as making sure it will help grow your business by helping you brand it in a way that gets you noticed.

One of our other service is that we provident content writing here in Toronto. If you need any help with your website writing or any print marketing materials we will help you with creating content which will get your message across to your audience.

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Sample of our $100 blog post

6 Meeting Trends for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the year that passed, its’ successes and failures. Even more important is to plan for the year ahead. In between attending (and hosting!) holiday parties and dealing with year’s end financial and other issues, consider the trends will affect your event planning. Below are 6 predictions for 2016 in the event planning world. Advance knowledge of these trends will allow you to prepare and turn them to your advantage.

  1. Even higher demand for meeting spaces – There will be an upsurge in demand for meeting spaces and guest rooms as prices are predicted to rise between 2.5 percent to 3 percent in 2016. More than ever, planning ahead will be critical. So when you are looking to book anything, do not hesitate too long. Demand will start outnumbering the supply, especially during the popular times of the year. Approach any potential booking early and with few dates in mind – date flexibility will be key in getting the event space you want.
  2. Cancellation – With venues and vendors in high demand, attrition and cancellation terms are expected to become even stricter in the new year. Careful negotiations and understanding all of the contract’s fine print will become even more important for meeting planners.
  3. Food and beverage minimums – When budgeting, look carefully at your Food & Beverage needs. Food and beverage minimums will continue to drive per-attendee costs in 2016. Unlike prior years, veggies are edging out meat products and will occupy the center of the plate in 2016. Millennials are requesting less animal protein prompting chefs to be more creative and exciting in their veggie offerings.
  4. Customized solutions – Canned events or programs are not going to cut it any longer. Clients will be looking for customized solutions on all fronts. Whether it’s programs, team building experiences or entertainment, they will want the experiences designed just for them, with their unique needs and requests in mind. While more challenging, this is a great way to show your abilities as a planner and event “designer”. Creating the unique experience the client wants, will garner more acclaim and rave reviews than ever before.
  5. Event mobile apps go from “nice to have” to a “must have” – Ever since the first smartphone, the mobile capabilities have increased year after year. We no longer only make calls and text through our phones. Instead, we do everything on our phones – shopping, tracking our friend’s whereabouts, checking emails, etc. Mobile technology is also becoming embedded in the world of event planning. Mobile apps will no longer be a luxury, but a necessity for large conferences and events. Your users will expect to be able to check into the conference, view schedules, sign up for workshops, download materials and more, right from the device in the palm of their hand. Not having a mobile app for a large conference might turn off potential attendees.
  6. Relationships are still “king” – The last but not least trend for 2016 is maintaining your relationships! The relationship between planners and suppliers have always been important, yet often get overlooked. While price and demand increases, maintaining good relationships is key to getting repeat business, referrals, and outstanding service. No matter if it is buyer’s or seller’s market, make sure you foster your relationships. Sincere interest in the other party beyond the business transaction, outstanding service and token appreciation gifts will get you a long way towards strengthening your key relationships.


As you can see, few trends are clearly emerging for the new year. These trends, when considered carefully, can be used to your advantage to stand out from your competitors. Offer your customers a unique experience, customizing the event just for them and approach the bookings and marketing of their event armed with the knowledge of stricter cancellation rules, the need to book early and be flexible, etc. Your customers will appreciate your knowledge, benefit from your experience and will give you rave reviews in the end.