Chateau Citran

Chateau Citran, A wine

Chateau Citran, A wine Chateau Citran, A wine La Rosée de Citran, A wine


The time of harvest arrives at last. This rewards great year-round efforts. When harvesting is done, grapes are carried into the winery to receive several cares : grape selection, stemming and berry crushing to obtain the grape juice that will be vinified to become wine! The extraction of this potential will produce a rich, fruity, structured and well-balanced wine, a new vintage of Chateau Citran.

The birth of a new vintage

Tasting, selection and blending are key words. Throughout several stages of transformation, punctuated by regular and scrupulous tastings in company with Mr. Eric Boissenot, the great wine profile of Chateau Citran is defined. The final blending results from the greatest plots and the symbiosis of three grape varieties : merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc.


Ageing lasts 15 months. Barrels are rigorously selected and a third are renewed every year. Produced by the greatest barrel makers, these are made of oak-tree. Oak essence brings structure, balance and delicacy to the wine.
The wine is bottled at the Chateau.